Up Pompeii

Woe, Woe, and thrice woe. Citizens of Pompeii Murwillumbah hear me; repent your ways or no good will come of this play…

Auditions are now being called for ‘Up Pompeii’ a risqué and somewhat ludicrous account of the last days of Pompeii seen through the eyes of a senator’s slave ‘Lurcio’. The play was made famous by the English actor Frankie Howerd and relies on that bawdy, double entendre style of British humour

Up Pompeii requires 6 men and 5 women… 2 male characters aged from 18 to 28, another 3 being in their thirties and 1 much older male. There are 4 female characters who are 18-30 and 1 older. Willingness to wear togas for the men and short dresses for the ladies is a must, Ooooh!!!

Up Pompeii is being directed by Julie West and you will need to attend rehearsals 2 nights a week (more as the production approaches). Opening night is the 28th May and will run for 3 weeks. Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday matinees.

If you don’t wish to act, we are always looking for slavespeople to assist with staging, sets and production. For more details contact Julie on 0411 721 826

Come along and enjoy the orgy (I mean audition) on Mon Feb 18 at 7pm at the Canvas and Kettle Conference Room next to the Murwillumbah Civic Centre Auditorium.

Salute’ Salute’, Naughty, Naughty!!