Audition information for Saving Frogton’s Home

Auditions will be held Tuesday 25th June at 6.30pm at Murwillumbah Civic Centre.

Saving Frogton’s Home is an Australian adaption of the fairytale classic, The Frog Prince (Brothers Grimm). Prince Frogton gets a little help from his friends, Millicent – the Keeper of the crystal ball and two brothers Zeb and McKendrick to not only find his Princess but save his waterhole.

This hilarious pantomime is for the whole family and follows the adventures of a group of friends as they set out to find wealth, romance and save a little piece of Aussie bushland from over-zealous developers.

Characters Required

 4 teenagers (13- 18 yrs.) 3 males 1 female

Zeb Montgomery: The eldest brother.

McKendrick: Zeb’s bossy younger brother.

Big Mike: School bully.

Abby: Zeb has a crush on her.

 7 Adults Male or Female

Please Note: Some singing and dancing required.

Prince Frogton: A magical messenger. (Lead Role)

Millicent: A pixie who has tendency to be a trickster. (Lead Role)

Granny Smith: A feisty nature loving Romani person. 70’s and the brothers’ primary carer. (Possible DAME)

Endora: Wicked Witch of the Riparian zone.

Princess: Abby’s dog. (turns into a human princess).

Al Bino & Don Key: A pair of dopey surveyors-typical comedy duo.

What’s the storyline?

To find a little magic, you only have to look!

Saving Frogton’s Home is a light- hearted comical pantomime that explores the importance of protecting our native species. The audience interacts with the characters through song and dance whilst cheering on the heroes and booing the villains.

It’s Zeb’s birthday and as he blows out the candles on his cake, he wishes for a best friend. Instead, he receives an anonymous crystal ball with an annoying pixie living in it. What’s worse, he must learn to use it.

Together, and with the help of the magical fairytale characters of the Frog Prince  (Brothers Grimm)  and with some new ones added in for a laugh, Zeb learns why he must do everything in his power to stop the developers from turning the precious home of an army of endangered Southern Barred frogs into a large shopping centre, even if that means overcoming his fears. If Zeb finds his magic, his birthday wish might just come true, bigger and better than ever.

Note from the Director

A theatre needs a play, a play needs a playwright, and a playwright seeks to find subjects. Once the subject is found, a playwright then uses their imagination to reveal the truth, through their writing. The subject for Saving Frogton’s Home came to me in the school playground. As a primary school teacher, I am often asked unprecedented questions.It was one of these questions that came from a very curious six-year-old student “What’s it like to be a frog?”  Finding out led to the creation of the play Saving Frogton’s Home, a way ofstorytelling through theatre which can shape children’s understanding of the world.

My aim is to give our audience a play of hope. It is not just a cathartic experience of feeling happily satisfied, seeing, and hearing the play but act towards a positive future for the planet by being inspired to be a little more environmentally and community conscious.


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